I am trying to create a mobile app using react native. I am using react navigation 4. I wanted to create a top bar navigation in a screen. That's why i used createMaterialTopTabNavigator. the top bas has two tab Ongoing and Finished. Now the top bar tab placed to the top of the app. But I want to place it underneath the left drawer navigator and the screen title. Please see this image. https://sarderitworld.com/demo/toptab.png

I am not getting any option for do this.

These are some code

const deleveriesBottomTabWIthTopTabs = createMaterialTopTabNavigator({ OnGoing : DeleveriesOnGoingStackNavigator, Finished : DeleveriesFinishedStackNavigator })

const boottomTabNavigator = createBottomTabNavigator({

Deleveries : deleveriesBottomTabWIthTopTabs,

Request: RequestAsSenderStackNavigator


I want to place the top tab bar underneath after the left drawer menu and screen title.

Please give me a solution for this.