Hi there,
I would like to request the implementation of a new feature in the react-navigation library that allows for selective lazy rendering of screens within a bottom tab navigator.
Currently, the library's bottom tab navigator employs lazy rendering, rendering only the active tab screen while keeping the rest unrendered until they are navigated to. However, in certain cases, it would be beneficial to have control over the rendering behavior, specifically to render unseen tab screens as soon as the home tab is rendered.
This feature would be valuable in scenarios where the unseen tab screens require some time to load data or initialize resources, allowing for a smoother user experience when switching between tabs. By rendering unseen tabs in advance, users would experience reduced loading times when navigating to those screens.
Implementing this feature may involve modifying the existing rendering logic and introducing new configuration options to enable selective lazy rendering for specific screens within the bottom tab navigator.
I believe this enhancement would greatly enhance the flexibility and usability of the react-navigation library and would be appreciated by many developers working with React Native.
Best regards,